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A Tale Of Two Dreamers

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Meet our Chief Dreamer:

Harshvardhan Ruia

Driven by his dreams, Harsh loves impacting the world of digital with his out-of-the-box ideas. At school, he loved learning Computer Science from scratch. After completing his Master’s degree from the University of Exeter, Harsh returned to India, he felt the yearning to grow and build something on his own.

StudioAPS Team - Harshvardhan Ruia
An experienced entrepreneur today

Harsh has a demonstrated history of working

in the media & entertainment industry honing his skills in areas as diverse yet interconnected, such as digital marketing, branding, business development, and marketing strategy.

At the helm of affairs at Studio APS, Harsh enjoys getting into the minutest details; very often spending long hours with the team, developing custom brand design, often going the extra mile to guide and mentor his squad of designers, and animators.

His vision has been clear right from day one; Harsh has been instrumental in shaping the present and future of his agency making sure the team is continuously making progress in reaching their ultimate goal of being number one in the list of digital marketing agencies in Kolkata.

He wishes to set an example in his field of work and has been striving continuously for overall improvement and growth. For Harsh, learning never stops. He is the constant mentor, and a very hands-on teacher guiding his team through the triumphs and challenges of day to day assignments right up until the end of every project.

Apart from work, he is the consummate gamer, and loves all forms and styles of gaming; PC gaming, multiplayer games, competitive games, online games; you name it; he plays it. A do-gooder by heart, he has also conducted a number of donation camps for animal welfare.

StudioAPS Team - Aradhika Ruia
Behind every successful man

There is an intelligent, vivacious woman

Harsh met Aradhika in Bengaluru, when they were both pursuing their graduation in Christ College.

Although Harsh had grown up in Kolkata, and Aradhika in Lucknow, they were pleasantly surprised to find they had common interests. Having travelled outside their home cities for the first time, they were both curious and enthusiastic about imbibing all of the new experiences that Bengaluru offered.

An experienced entrepreneur today

Partnering excellence together…

Aradhika is not only Harsh’s wife, and partner but also his anchor of support.

With an keen eye for detailing and passion for content building she takes up the role of planning campaigns for their clients and organising public relation activities for them. She is curious and full of verve with a keen interest in Fashion Marketing and Visual Merchandising also knowing a lot about event support, having previously worked in the industry.

Being second in command at Studio APS, she is the one who maintains constant communication with the clients, always making it a point to keep the conversations flowing.

Apart from work, she is quiet an outdoor and sporty person. Has a special heart for nature and also an animal lover. Swimming, power yoga, zumba, kick boxing, strength training, cross fit- Yes, fitness is her passion and she’s done it all.

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StudioAPS Team - Sumaiya Rahman

The two-footed soldier

Just as in Mandala art, where my creativity is contained within the defined radius of the circle, website design also presents the challenge of communicating the brand’s visual identity within the confines of a limited space, in the most aesthetic way possible. But that’s also the reason why I love both; for what is a life without its challenges?

With one foot in graphics, and another in web, Sumaiya had a hard time deciding which one she loved better. Eventually, she settled for website design. That’s because she likes taking the trouble of going deeper into complex tech issues and then troubleshooting them with her ideas and expertise. She’s happy to have her team of brainstormers, who, she says, provide the fuel to the fire in her belly.

She knows there are good days and bad days, and is always willing and eager to put up her best front. Besides work, her arsenal of hobbies include music, movies, Mandala art, crocheting, home decor art & craft, puzzles, cooking, and occasionally, writing. She prefers to call herself an ambivert because while she likes those friendly raucous chats with her cousins and friends, there are days when some “alone time” with books, and her laptop is a must.

The small town soldier

The journey back and forth between Bhatpara and office is an interesting one; when I busy myself in coding and design, it’s a modern world, where technology coalesces with art to tell a story; but in Bhatpara, you will find 100-year old stories in every lane and by lane. Now, isn’t that wonderful? I’m lucky to be a Bhatpara boy.

Rupankan is the small town boy from Bhatpara who’s big on history, Sanskrit, and his dreams. Little did he know that a course from Arena Animation would turn his life around, until it did. In the year 2019, he enrolled for the Graphics, Web Design & Development Course in Arena and passed out with flying colours. Before him, the City of Joy stretched far and wide waiting to be explored; so did the fascinating world of coding and designing websites. For Rupankan, the fight to live his dreams had only just begun.

He applied for a job in Studio APS, and to his delight, was selected. Years into this profession, he now agrees that adapting to the ever changing scene of the web is something that he loves. He likes calling himself an introvert, who loves building long lasting relationships with the characters in his books or in the video games he plays. He knows that on some days there will be dark clouds on the horizon, but then again love is all about smiling in the sunshine and in the rain.

StudioAPS Team - Rupankan Bhattacharyya
StudioAPS Team - Sani Kayal

The fairy tale loving soldier

Baahubali, oh Baahubali! You made my heart go chulbuli…

It’s no wonder then that the famous Indian film “Baahubali” became a blockbuster; it impacted millions of Indian cinema-goers in myriad ways, one of them being Sani. Growing up on a steady diet of video games, and animated movies, he was captivated by the way VFX and Animation gave a larger-than-life dimension to the movie. He decided he wanted to make a career out of VFX and Animation, and his elder brother suggested Arena Animation; an institute that other students had recommended. Sani plunged in.

Today, he loves the creativity his career offers. There are challenges as well; for instance, complex problems posed by different rigging and rendering scenarios, but just like Baahubali, Sani likes conquering the challenges that come his way. That he says makes him as strong as Baahubali. Apart from work, Sani loves a good game of cricket. On weekends, he will also read or watch a movie. He hasn’t revealed to us how many times he has watched “Baahubali” yet, but we haven’t given up, and will find out.

The Content Driven Soldier

Look around yourself, don’t you recognize the story your life is resonating with you?  Trust it; our lives are leading us the way we want to. We all just have to keep creating the content for it.

Harbouring her passion for writing, Muskan believed in the magic of creativity. She had always felt a keen sense of interest in creating out-of-the-box content in whatever she worked — writing, reciting, debating, or dancing. However, given the numerous options that mass media has to offer, she found herself quite bewildered about choosing a definite niche.  To break the confusing bubble that she was in, she decided to chase her passion for writing.

Eventually, it all started making sense to her when she started working for Studio APS as a content writer.  Muskan reckons that the world of content is an incessant loop of creativity that challenges her each day to bring out the best of her imagination.  For leisure, she likes exploring content that bounces from fashion to action to comedy and whatnot…we wonder if that’s her way of driving content in both ways!

StudioAPS Team - Muskan Sharma
StudioAPS Team - Rupali Sarkar

The well-mentored soldier

It’s not just about the beauty of designs but the contribution of the lines and colors that make it worth every glance. Akin to designing, life is all about the little things that make it worth living.

Lead your heart. The rest will follow.  This is what Rupali’s story is all about.  After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Geography, Rupali did not see herself making a career in academics. Her heart did not rhyme with her degree. Moreover, instead of finding the weather, the topography captivating, she was more fascinated with the color palette of the subject. Simultaneously, Rupali was aware of her knack for randomly scribbling on a paper and playing with colors of vibrant shades. She had to take a call and rightfully, she followed her heart.

Finally, destiny played its part and Rupali chose graphic designing as her career. Things followed and she landed at Studio APS exploring the best of her artistic abilities. She believes that mistakes and designer’s block are a blessing in disguise because they push you to aim for the best. 

Nevertheless, away from her world of graphic designing Rupali loves gardening and binge-watching series on Netflix

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