We Are Enlisting Soldiers Of Creativity - Digital Marketing Jobs In Kolkata


We’re Enlisting Soldiers Of Creativity

Are you already a graphic or web designer or a content writer? Or simply a fresher aspiring to be one?
Do you have the spunk?
Do you love dabbling in colours, fonts, words, and programming languages?
Are you an early morning riser ready to be at your desk at 9.30 am sharp?
Do you love starting your day with ideas flying across a big round table, over a nice hot cup of coffee?
Are you ready to march forward? Impatient to be on the front lines of creativity?
Career Openings - Digital Marketing Jobs In Kolkata
we are hiring

Current Openings

Motion Graphics Designer
Must be dedicated, hard working and motivated to learn new skills.
Requirements: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects
Experience: 1-2 yrs
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Web Developer
Must be dedicated, hard working and motivated to learn new skills.
Requirements: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, WORDPRESS, Shopify
Experience: 1-2 yrs
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SEO Executive
Must be dedicated, hard working and motivated to learn new skills.
Requirement: On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Link Building, Blog Posts, Guest Posts, Technical SEO
Experience: 1-2 yrs
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Content Writer

Must be dedicated, hard working and motivated to learn new skills.

Requirement: SEO Optimized content writing, Blogs, Social Media conceptualization, Media Strategy ideation

Experience: 1-2 yrs

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Do you identify with one or more of the following character traits:

Restless You oscillate between being supremely bored or supremely hyper. You crave fresh experiences and challenges, not afraid to begin all over again, every new day. You love asking “why” and “what” as often as you want.
Risk Taker: Are you bold and brave? Willing to risk it all for a brand new idea? Ever curious to learn by trial and error? Willing to embrace and learn from your mistakes?
Capricious: You’re unpredictable but not without a reason; your mind is on a continuous overdrive flitting between one idea and another.
Innovator: You love thinking out of the box using both sides of your brain to cook up something mesmerizingly avant garde? You don’t stop until you’ve arrived at an idea other people would love to steal? (Don’t worry, we’ll give you the credit).
Curious: You’re like a six year old child forever asking questions. You look at the world with an ever - increasing sense of awe and wonder. Curiosity never killed the cat; at least not for you.
Independent: You understand the meaning of accountability and are prepared to take charge of your time without the need for constant monitoring. Whether, remotely, or inside the office, you know there is a deadline to be met and will do everything to meet it well.
Unconventional: You don’t believe in following the herd, often going out of your way to get creative; to empower yourself and the world.
Romantic: Do you follow your heart more than your head? Do you believe unbounded creativity results from the spontaneous flow of emotions? Do you love expressing and triggering emotion?
Quirky: Your Bohemiana can be directly attributed to your creative genius that is bursting to come forward; to do great things that will change the design and entertainment industry forever.
Dreamer: You are in the end, just like us, a dreamer, impacting the industry with your imagination and insights; naturally endowed with the life changing inspiration of a dream.
Oh! Yes, they are!!…

Got what it takes? Hear the trumpets blaring?

The war drums are thundering. The sankhas are sounding. The bowstrings are twanging. The war for creative dominion has begun.

Send in your CV and portfolio to info@studioaps.in. Or fill in the form and attach your CV. And we’ll get in touch.

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