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“What helps people, helps business.”

-Leo Burnett
Trusted Content Marketing Agency In Kolkata
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Trusted Content Marketing Agency In Kolkata

Gone is the time when customers want their valuable time interrupted by advertisements or product pitches. Today’s customers are far more alert, educated and intelligent. The last thing they want is to be “sold to”.

Instead, they appreciate businesses which can help them by educating them by sharing free content that is relevant, informative and useful. The result is that they reward these businesses with their loyalty and purchases.

Thus content marketing scores over traditional marketing in that it is a permissive marketing technique where customers allow the marketer to send them content that will ultimately create a willingness among them to purchase products from the company.Content Marketing is priceless in that it helps businesses attract attention, garner leads, increase credibility or engage with an online community of users.

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Need help in helping others so that your business can flourish?Wondering how to create, publish, and distribute content to your targeted audience online?

Our help is at hand in the following ways:


Blogs are a low cost strategy for attracting organic traffic in that they help to improve SEO and can be a useful way for solving business problems for potential customers who are seeking solutions in your particular niche of business.

Work with us to see how we use a pillar or cluster model to organize and optimize your blog topics at the same time keeping your blog content focused and relevant to the product or service that you are offering.


HubSpot research reveals that 54% of audiences like seeing videos from the brands they support. If you want to engage an audience, whether new, or your old followers, then video is the way to go. 


From product information videos, to customer testimonials, to tutorials, and behind-the-scenes, we have an expert team that will shoot, edit, and deliver your video to you, done just the way you want it.


Essentially, information presented in a graphic form, infographics can be a low-cost tool to develop eye-catching content to attract customers. And, our qualified team of graphic designers can do just that by creating visually appealing infographics that throw the bait and net in your leads.

Case Studies

Especially important in the B2B space, case studies help prospective buyers learn more about your business from other customers, who have used your services. Case studies enable prospects to trace a customer’s journey from start to finish and also read about similar use cases in real life. Consult our expert team of writers today to get your case studies drawn out without flaws and within set schedules.


Build loyal and lucrative partnerships with your customers by letting our experienced team of writers create inexpensive, virtually accessible, and repurposable ebooks that deliver a tonne of information to your customer helping you establish your brand as an authority in your niche.

User Generated Content

Our agile and experienced social media team remain up on their toes from morning till night and can help you optimize the performance of User Generated Content such as Social Media Content, Reviews & Testimonials, and Hashtag Campaigns for your brand to gain maximum reach and traction within targeted online communities.

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Checklists are especially important for small and medium sized businesses as they adopt a step-by-step method to solve a particular problem concerning the target audience and can be repurposed across social media to garner more visibility and engagement. Work with our expert in-house team to see how they customize your checklists to your brand’s unique marketing challenges.


Intelligently and craftily done, a meme is an image with text that is culturally relevant and in meaningful alignment with a brand’s social aesthetic that has the potential to go viral thus increasing organic traffic to your brand. Tell us what you want so our art department can conceptualize the right kind of meme for you.

Testimonials & Customer Reviews

Social proof has always been very important in marketing. Prospective buyers like reading customer reviews either on the website or through emails. Celebrity endorsements can increase the hype around your brand. We specialize in testimonial videos, as well as celebrity shoots to help your brand stand out in the crowd.


Consult us to know how we gather original or compiled research to offer insights into trends and best practices by providing an in-depth analysis of a specific area of your business to increase your brand’s visibility in search engine results.

How-to Guides

If you’re into software or education or offer a product like CRM solutions, our content team can help you to create How-to Guides, which are a must in this type of industry.

Influencer Marketing

Improve your brand recognition by partnering with well-known influencers in your niche. Talk with our social media management team to know how we can help.

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