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Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images.”

-Steven Bochco
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According to HubSpot Research 54% of the audience love engaging with videos from the brands they support. The reason is simple.

Humans can process visuals 60, 000 times faster than text and animated content grabs the attention of consumers in less than a second. Does that give you a hint? Do you want to drive user engagement and brand awareness with a more than assured success rate?

Then video marketing can be your most effective ploy.

Work with us to experience first hand the many benefits of Animation for marketing:

Animation simplifies a complex idea by combining text and visual for the purposes of easy explanation.

Animation is fun and creative making it a great avenue to grab and retain the attention of your customers.

Animation increases conversion rates in that viewers are more likely to watch a video than read the content on your entire website.

Animation videos are easily edited for you to upload fresh content or repurpose old content across different channels and at different times without the need for a reshoot.

We help You

Choose the video most aligned to your marketing goals delivering a finished product from scratch to finish
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Tell your brand story in a 15-30 second commercial. Distribute on your preferred social media platforms for maximum reach and visibility.

Explainer Video - Animation Company In Kolkata
Explainer Video

If you have a complex product and service offering, you might want to explain it with images, text and voice over all combined in an Explainer Video on your website or landing page.

Product Demonstration Video - Animation Company In Kolkata
Product Demonstration Video

Different from an explainer, a product demonstration video gives you the chance to show off the merits, features and benefits of your product.

Company Culture Video - Animation Company In Kolkata
Company Culture Video

Present your company ethos to potential customers to market your brand as a whole.

Employee Portrait Video - Animation Company In Kolkata
Employee Portrait Video

Give your business a human touch by uploading videos of your employees working or sharing a coffee together.

Customer Testimonial Video - Animation Company In Kolkata
Customer Testimonial Video

Turn your existing customers into your brand ambassadors. Potential customers will view your brand in a favorable light when existing customers have given it rave reviews.

Branded Short Film - Animation Company In Kolkata
Branded Short Film

Take your brand. Craft a story around it, place it in a setting and add a bit of characterization; for instance, a husband trying to find the perfect anniversary gift for his wife, and ola! - there you have your branded short film that shortly and sweetly markets your offering.

Branded Mini Documentary - Animation Company In Kolkata
Branded Mini Documentary

If you want your customers to be part of your brand journey to see how your business has evolved over a period of time, a branded mini documentary can do just that with an in-depth look at the people, talent and operations that are integral to your business.

Behind The Scenes Video - Animation Company In Kolkata
Behind-the-scenes Video

If you have an interesting process behind the manufacture, development or distribution of your product or service, it is time to flaunt it to your customers so they can realise the craftsmanship and dedication that has gone into your business.

What Is VFX?

Do you know the difference between VFX & Animation?

If you don’t, our students will tell you. For they carry forward our proud legacy.

That dates back to the year 1996, when we pioneered Animation & VFX Training in India. We’ve never looked back ever since.

Difference Between VFX & Animation - Animation Company In Kolkata

25 Years of Training | More than 4.5 lakh students trained | Training Centres in over 20 countries

Are you looking at Animation & VFX as a career option?

Then leverage the Arena 6 Advantage.

Creativity: Learn creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Resilience: Bounce back from setbacks to keep moving forward.

Teamwork: Learn how to be a team player and a peoples’ person.

Deadline: Use effective planning to tackle pressure to deliver within deadlines.

Presentation Skills: Learn to present with corporate etiquette and eloquence.

Industry Interface: Get networking opportunities with stalwarts in the industry.


A Statista Study conducted in 2021 reveals that the Animation & VFX Industry in India will generate up to INR 129 billion by the year 2023. That’s a whopping 35% annual compound growth rate for this industry within the measured time period.Which leaves you with endless possibilities. Work with big names like Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar. Take up a television project. Launch your own business. Get finance for your story or idea easily. Animate for the publishing, advertising or marketing industries. Make films for data visualization modelling, insurance, architecture or medical projects. Earn financial freedom and freedom from a 9 to 5 work schedule. Do more with Animation & VFX. To know more about our job-ready courses, click here.

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