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“A hen’s egg is, quite simply, a work of art, a masterpiece of design and construction with, it has to be said, brilliant packaging!”

-Delia Smith
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A fundamental advantage of using print media over digital is that it has a higher frequency of viewing than online ads.

Physical marketing collaterals allow repeated exposures and multiple sharing.
You also have complete control over colours, typography and the type and texture of the paper that you use.

Compared to a digital screen, print media is proven to hold and retain the reader’s attention for a longer period of time as the eye is not strained as it is, when looking at a digital medium.

Print ads can’t be changed once published. Therefore, they need to be credible and accurate the first time ; precisely the factors that encourage more trust from viewers.

Most people, to this day, love the sensory feel of print and most leave a “dog ears” on the page they need to bookmark.

There’s no reason to hold back on print media.

Get low cost print media options with Studio APS

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Your Preferred Packaging Design Agency In Kolkata

First impressions matter. Don’t they?

Your product may come with many benefits but what’s the good of it if your customer doesn’t open the packet to see what’s inside?
We make sure they will.

The Stamp Of Distinction - Preferred Packaging Design Agency In Kolkata

Beautiful packaging with an element of theatre and excitement that entices your customer to open it.

Small and emotional touches that make your brand immensely popular with your customers.

Innovative packaging design that simplifies the production process and cuts down your costs.

When you leave your packaging design to us, you get
Benefits Of Our Services

Sustainable, reusable, and ethical packaging that conveys your company’s reputation as a green and responsible organization.

Distinctive packaging that embodies your brand’s values to make it an extension of your company’s ethos and culture, making it distinct from the crowd.

Our skilled packaging design artists can help you with:

Increase Awareness - Icon
Molded Packaging Design

Molded Packaging Design used for toys, tools, tires, machinery or vehicle parts, or kitchenware.

Build Trust - Icon
Replica Model Packaging Design

Replica Model Packaging Design used in cosmetics, designer wear and jewellery, chocolates, confectionary, and bakery products.

Transform Into Leader - Icon
Protective Packaging Design

Protective Packaging Design for easily perishable products such as eggs.

Stay Top Of Mind - Icon
Transparent Packaging Design

Transparent Packaging Design used for meats, vegetables, as well as fruits and frozen items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What packaging will I need for my products?

Make sure your packaging is effective and keeps the contents safe and secured before anything else. Consider the many circumstances the packaging may need to perform, including putting it to the goods, storing it on your property, delivering or mailing it, storing and displaying it at a shop or wholesaler, providing the product to a consumer, and maybe opening and resealing it. Make sure the container clearly states what is inside and conforms with all labeling laws. Instructions on how to use the product and manage the box may also be included. Consider the marketing function of packaging. Make sure the package quality is consistent with your brand.

How do I know whether to use basic packaging or invest in packaging design?

This is dependent on your product, how you promote it, and where you sell it. Your packaging can be simple if you sell cement or animal feed, for instance, as long as it identifies the product. If you sell items at supermarkets, you want the box to be attractive and stand out on the shelf. The quality of the package design is crucial in making a promise to the customer if you are selling a high-end product like perfume or chocolates. Any effort you make in packaging will pay off since high-end lifestyle items often generate higher earnings.

Can I make recyclable packaging into a selling point?

Yes, without a doubt. At least three tiers of this might be utilised. In the beginning, if you want to show that your product is ecologically friendly. Second, if you want to indicate that your product is unadorned and unadorned, plain, basic, and honest. Last but not least, if you want to emphasize its value for money. Each strategy, though, can call for a distinct emphasis in the design. Several businesses, including Body Shop, have successfully done this. They are the exceptions, though. The majority of selling contexts still require attractive packets notwithstanding customer aversion to overpackaging. Making economics a virtue could be possible, but it will rely on your marketing strategy and how your product is positioned.

Can I pass the cost of packaging on to my customers?

Your clients already cover the indirect expenses of your raw supplies, employee salaries, rent, power, and delivery. Another running-cost element to take into account before determining your selling price is packaging costs. Unless it is noticeably higher, in which case you may applaud yourself for forging a worthwhile point of difference, well-designed packaging is unlikely to cost more than the packaging used by your competitors.

Can I re-use packaging materials?
Businesses provide recyclable cartons for sale. Make friends with your neighbourhood electrical goods merchant, who will always have a tonne of boxes and sheet foam to get rid of if you just need small quantities. For packaging purposes, paper shavings and wood chips can be utilised to safeguard breakable products. If you can plan and use contract packers for difficult or lengthy journeys, you will save money. If you do not have any severe deadlines and have the financial means to wait for your task to be scheduled at a time convenient to the packer, even enormous quantities can be done affordably. Studio APS is your to-go print & packaging company if you are on the lookout for one.

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