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“A hen’s egg is, quite simply, a work of art, a masterpiece of design and construction with, it has to be said, brilliant packaging!”

-Delia Smith
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Your Favored Print Media Design Agency In Kolkata

A fundamental advantage of using print media over digital is that it has a higher frequency of viewing than online ads.

Physical marketing collaterals allow repeated exposures and multiple sharing.
You also have complete control over colours, typography and the type and texture of the paper that you use.

Compared to a digital screen, print media is proven to hold and retain the reader’s attention for a longer period of time as the eye is not strained as it is, when looking at a digital medium.

Print ads can’t be changed once published. Therefore, they need to be credible and accurate the first time ; precisely the factors that encourage more trust from viewers.

Most people, to this day, love the sensory feel of print and most leave a “dog ears” on the page they need to bookmark.

There’s no reason to hold back on print media.

Get low cost print media options with us

– Newspaper & Magazine Ads

Catalogues & Brochures

Annual Report, Prospectus & Booklets

Direct Mail, Leaflets, Posters & Flyers

Corporate Identity Design & Labels

Outdoor & Transit Design


Your Preferred Packaging Design Agency In Kolkata

First impressions matter. Don’t they?

Your product may come with many benefits but what’s the good of it if your customer doesn’t open the packet to see what’s inside?
We make sure they will.

The Stamp Of Distinction - Preferred Packaging Design Agency In Kolkata

Beautiful packaging with an element of theatre and excitement that entices your customer to open it.

Small and emotional touches that make your brand immensely popular with your customers.

Innovative packaging design that simplifies the production process and cuts down your costs.

When you leave your packaging design to us, you get
Benefits Of Our Services - Creative Print & Packaging Company In Kolkata

Sustainable, reusable, and ethical packaging that conveys your company’s reputation as a green and responsible organization.

Distinctive packaging that embodies your brand’s values to make it an extension of your company’s ethos and culture, making it distinct from the crowd.

Our skilled packaging design artists can help you with:

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Molded Packaging Design

Molded Packaging Design used for toys, tools, tires, machinery or vehicle parts, or kitchenware.

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Replica Model Packaging Design

Replica Model Packaging Design used in cosmetics, designer wear and jewellery, chocolates, confectionary, and bakery products.

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Protective Packaging Design

Protective Packaging Design for easily perishable products such as eggs.

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Transparent Packaging Design

Transparent Packaging Design used for meats, vegetables, as well as fruits and frozen items.

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