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Best Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Online Gaming

Best Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Online Gaming

People today want to connect with their favourite game titles more than ever. Social media marketing allows brands to stay in touch with gamers and foster a feeling of community around the game. Social media branding is the process of developing a digital and physical presence on social media platforms to promote and enhance your company’s brand. It’s practically the same as in the real world, with major and medium-sized businesses promoting their brands through various branding or marketing tactics. The primary goal of social media branding is to increase the exposure of products, services, and corporate communications through multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The goal is to brand these messages via social media channels.

Nothing can stop you from succeeding if you use the proper social media approach to advertise your online gaming business. This post contains everything you’ll need to create a successful online gaming social media marketing strategy. So, let’s get started.

Factors To Consider Before Using Social Media

1. Determine Target Audience

First and foremost, consider for whom you designed a gaming app. Focus on the age, gender, and location of your potential player to obtain the perfect response. Once you’ve identified your target market, break them down into smaller groups based on their commonalities. If you have a game like Homescapes, for example, your audience is divided into three categories: casual gamers, classic puzzle players, and home decor gamers.

Using the sub-groups, you may better plan the next stage of your social media marketing strategy.

2. Choose Your Social Media Platforms

You must next choose your social media marketing platforms based on your target demographic and marketing strategy. Since gamers are more engaged on Twitter, most gaming firms employ Twitter marketing. However, this does not negate the value of other social media channels. All social media portals are excellent for promoting online gaming businesses, however, they are useful in different circumstances, such as:

  • Facebook is ideal for running sponsored ad campaigns
  • Instagram is the place to go for aesthetic objectives
  • If you want to do video marketing, use YouTube, TikTok, and other similar platforms

3. Be Consistent

You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that consistency is the key to social media success. So, hear it again: remain consistent in your social media marketing activities, always.

Branding on social media is vital for all organizations, but it’s extremely important for online gaming platforms. Gaming firms can build a dedicated community of fans who will help market and evangelise their games by maintaining a continuous social media presence. Gaming firms may use social media branding to set themselves out from the competition and establish themselves as industry leaders. Gaming firms may easily establish a strong brand that will connect with their target audience by applying creative techniques and leveraging the newest social media trends.

Social Media Strategies for Promoting Online Gaming

So you’ve created a video game, and all you have to do now is promote it to expand your business. Isn’t it straightforward? Marketing may be difficult, especially when dealing with a large sector like video games. By 2023, the gaming business is expected to be worth $204.6 billion. Many gaming applications are prospering on social media today, from Fortnite to Clash of Clans. Let’s see how these corporate giants use social media to their advantage.

1. Create A Powerful Digital Identity

It is critical to have a strong digital brand before developing a social media strategy for the online gaming industry. This implies you’ll have to include the name of the online gaming property in your social media channel.

2. Offer Exclusive Details

It’s always preferable to provide exclusive information that only your business can provide your community through social media platforms to create buzz and enthusiasm about the game. By giving exclusive information, the audience will feel as though they are part of an exclusive community, and they will want to share this content with their friends, increasing the game’s buzz. To create content, reach the majority of the people via social media platforms, utilise hashtags and keywords connected to the top gaming sectors, and clarify specific phrases. The following are some popular hashtags to use:

  • #videogames
  • #player
  • #esports
  • #playstation, etc.

3. Platform Utilization That Works

Track and assess performance over time using technologies like Twitch and Discord. There are other methods for users to employ social media marketing strategies, such as writing about preferred game subjects, collecting intriguing gaming links, or sharing photographs on Instagram displaying new games. Other sites where gamers from different cultures can share their accomplishments, learn about new games and technologies, play, and celebrate include:

  • Playfire: Playfire is a social networking site for gamers who want to demonstrate their abilities, interact with other gamers, and share their gaming accomplishments.
  • Kongregate: Kongregate is a great place to play games! The site features thousands of free online games and is a global leader in casual gaming entertainment.
  • Facebook Games: Facebook Games allow gamers to meet new people in their games and compete against pals who don’t live nearby.
  • Gamurs: Gamurs is a gaming social network. All of this is driven by their exclusive technology, which allows us to function fully independently of any other gaming firm or industry.
  • GameSpot: GameSpot is a prominent source of video game information on the Internet and television. The site contains editorial content from GameSpot editors as well as frequent contributions from notable analysts and gaming industry personalities such as Hilary Goldstein and Jeff Gerstmann.

4. Offer Great Customer Service

Interaction via social networks such as Twitter involves immediately responding to customer enquiries or offering information about new releases or the most recent upgrades. Competencies in social media marketing include the capacity to frequently develop and update content. You can always discover various tactics that work best for your content by following the top players on social media networks. The following are some of the top gamers to follow across various gaming platforms:

  • PewDiePie: He is a professional gamer with over 100 million fans.
  • Tyler Blevins: A video game enthusiast and one of the most followed gamers, having over 24 million followers.
  • KSI: A comedian, rapper, and FIFA gaming aficionado with over 23 million followers on Twitter.
  • SSSniperWolf: A teenage YouTuber with over 30 million followers who is noted for her responses and gaming videos with excellent comments.

5. Use Live-Streaming Events To Create A Buzz

Gamers are constantly on the lookout for new content. You can utilise live streaming to inform your audience about new products, promotions, or news. You can employ reels on Instagram to provide entertaining and educational stuff to your followers. Furthermore, there are several unique Instagram reel editing tools available today for your convenience. Live streaming is also possible on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and several other sites.

6. Use Ads To Drive Traffic

Running social media ads is usually the simplest and most regulated technique to get leads. You can choose your budget, adjust ad layout, add CTAs, and much more on Facebook. Similarly, Instagram allows you to design graphically clear advertising that targets an audience, location, time, and so on. Paid advertising is now somewhat more expensive, but you can always modify the budget. Furthermore, placing advertisements on social media is far less expensive than running TV commercials. Importantly, no other marketing tool allows you to evaluate social media ad analytics in real-time.

7. Use Memes To Engage Your Audience

Memes will never disappoint you. They are the most traditional method of engaging your game’s players on social media. A humorous brand voice always wins. You can immediately strike your audience’s sensitive spots using memes.

8. Create A Personal Connection With The Gamers

Gamers, as previously stated, are passionate individuals. It’s up to you whether you utilize their zeal for you or towards you. Confused? As an example, when Inti Creates discovered a glitch in their game, they did not withhold it from their followers. Instead, they tweeted about it and apologized to their gaming community. With a simple and honest tweet, Inti Creates acquired the confidence of their audience and established a true connection with them. Instead of marketing, utilize social media to win hearts for your game company.

9. Reach Out To Influencers

Influencers, whether you despise or admire them, have a significant impact on social media. Influencers are especially important in fan-based businesses like online gaming. So, start looking for a good influencer who can help you get your game noticed. However, before collaborating with social media influencers, bear the following in mind:

  • Define your marketing campaign’s objectives and measurements
  • Determine the best influencer for your brand’s voice
  • Look for influencers that aren’t your direct rivals or aren’t utilised by them
  • Understand influencers’ social media tactics, such as comedy, sarcasm, and so on
  • Track the engagement rates of influencers
  • Don’t underestimate the effect of micro-influencers
  • Consider additional aspects particular to your gaming business

10. Incorporate Social Media Into Your Game

This is the most underappreciated social media technique in the game industry. You can incorporate social networking into your game app using this method. Candy Crush Saga is an excellent illustration of this social media tactic. They urge users to connect with their Facebook accounts, make requests to Facebook friends, and publish progress on Facebook walls, among other things. You may even take a cue from Candy Crush or other famous gaming applications and include social media into your game.

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular, with gamers playing games on computers or mobile devices from the comfort of their homes. This has a significant impact on the marketing methods and exposure for these games. When used properly as part of a branding plan that encompasses both conventional and digital media, the expansion of social media may help gaming firms. From exclusive community events to giving away game tickets through “competitions,” social media allows them to promote their brand in ways that other traditional marketing does not. We hope this blog post assists you in developing a solid branding approach for your online gaming content. Have fun gaming!

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