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The Christmas Of 2022 Will See Changes In Consumer Behaviour: Are You Prepared?

The Christmas Of 2022 Will See Changes In Consumer Behaviour: Are You Prepared?

The time of year when people shop for celebrations is the Christmas season. Since the market and consumption heat up in the winter along with hot chocolate, this time of year has always been a source of joy for companies and marketers. However, given the state of the world economy in this specific year of 2022, some businesses might be wary. Studies suggest that this holiday season, consumers are indeed interested in making purchases. They got a head start on their holiday shopping this year.

26% of customers have already begun their year-end purchases, whether they are making their first buy, seeking inspiration to make a choice or beginning their gift list, according to Think With Google. Before getting enthusiastic, though, take a deep breath. Budgets are smaller despite the anticipation. The same study found a 40% increase in searches for “good and cheap” this year. Yes, you’re not altogether wrong to believe that customers are becoming more careful and pickier when it comes to brands and products given the current state of the economy. So, can one influence customers to choose your brand during the holidays? Let’s look at some trends for the holiday season of 2022, as predicted by Google and other industry titans.

The Pandemic Made Last Christmas Difficult

The search for the perfect present began early and will last a while. This is due to the pandemic’s effects on consumer spending over the previous two years, including price volatility and product availability. Therefore, consumers are already conducting preliminary research to make sure they will be able to purchase the greatest offer, without shifting prices, and within their set spending limits.

83% of customers surveyed by Retail Dive reported that price rises for the goods they typically purchase around the end of the year, therefore a significant portion will alter their shopping habits during this time to lessen the impact of price hikes.

Aside from discounts, which are what most customers expect, offering free and fast shipping, easy exchange and returns, and available stock are all instruments to help you get the best deal possible. According to a Think With Google survey, 75% of consumers who plan to shop online over the holiday season want to take advantage of free delivery. It is more important than ever to keep an eye on this behaviour and be ready to provide discounts and benefits as appropriate.

The Sparkling Little Content

While searching for the perfect deal and looking for inspiration and gift ideas, consumers who have already begun their year-end surveys are hesitating to make their first purchase. After all, making a gift list might be difficult, especially in the year that everyone will be reunited. The utilization of various channels to conduct research before making a purchase is a significant statistic from the previous year to be taken into consideration. Within two days, 54% of shoppers utilized five or more channels to study their holiday purchases, including search engines, videos, and social media.

Consumers want to learn more about a product than just seeing a picture of it; they want to know how it works, what its advantages and disadvantages are, and how it will make them feel before they ever buy it. This technique can be implemented by brands and retailers across all channels as the most effective means of encouraging customers to make purchases. One piece of advice is to pay attention to organic content produced by blogs, influencers, and actual customers and comprehend what is being said about your business and product so that you may use it as a persuasion tool.

All I Want For Christmas Are Surprising Deals

The current economic situation has made consumers choosier because they can no longer choose between their favourite products based just on price. Therefore, Black Friday is the ideal time to announce the eagerly anticipated deals to customers who have their lists prepared and persuade them to purchase your business’s products. It’s vital to keep in mind that some consumers use Black Friday to make other purchases they have been considering all year long, delaying the purchase of Christmas presents until the very last minute.

According to a recent Gartner survey, 75% of customers don’t anticipate seeing the same number of discounts or even more than they did around the same time last year. As a result, Black Friday may be the ideal opportunity to surprise and persuade a consumer to make a new purchase from you. They might return later this quarter as a result of a cashback offer or a discount coupon for the next transaction. It’s all about time. Those who wait until the last week will likely stop caring about getting the greatest deal, but now is still a good moment to offer free delivery on the anticipated date or even to start pointing them toward actual locations. The ability to supply the goods when the consumer wants them is another aspect that affects customer loyalty and trust.

Have A Happy And Healthy Holiday Season!

It looks to be a very hot quarter. Since sales started in September, brands and merchants will enjoy a balanced sales period as a result of consumers’ anticipation. It is possible to anticipate some immediate purchases with a strong offer that considers more than just price but also timely delivery and quality. However, it’s critical to adapt since consumers are becoming pickier about both the price and the quality of the products they buy. And to persuade people, you need to be everywhere. It is important to note that consumers search for gift inspiration and ideas before making purchases, thus the brand that provides these through content will have an advantage.

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