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Unfamiliar Indian Marketing Books That Are Worth Reading

Unfamiliar Indian Marketing Books That Are Worth Reading

No matter how skilled they are now, the best marketers are those that never stop working to get better. Here is a selection of books written by Indian authors if you’re looking to read some unusual, less well-known marketing books that will help you improve your digital marketing abilities even more.

1. Decoding the Digital Jungle

This book, which was written by Social Beat’s digital marketing professionals, discusses the numerous facets of digital marketing as well as the strategies advertisers employ to increase their sales and revenue. Similar to the annual spectacle of millions of wildebeest and zebras leaving the arid savannahs, 500+ million Indians “migrated” to the internet over the past 20 years, causing an even bigger migration in human history. This movement over the past few years has fueled the spectacular expansion of digital marketing. This book, which is replete with case studies and unfailing insights, will guide newbies through this digital desert. Readers are taken on a safari through marketing ideas that are evolving from the traditional to the digital era by Decoding the Digital Jungle. An information series called Digital Bytes on their YouTube channel gives you a glimpse of the team’s skills.

2. Storm the Norm: Untold Stories of 20 Brands that Did it Best

This book, which was written by Anisha Motwani, is a distinctive compilation of recent factual stories about Indian companies and brands that changed the rules of their respective sectors. All 20 of the stories are not only motivational, but they will also influence the way you think about marketing and running a business.

3. Nawabs, Nudes, Noodles

The history of Indian advertising over the past 50 years is covered in this oddly titled book by advertising veteran Ambi Parameswaran. In this book, the author studies and analyses more than a hundred advertisements. This book will explain how politics, culture, society, and other factors are used as inspiration for and influence commercials. You can learn in-depth information about the Indian advertising landscape by reading this book.

4. Pandeymonium

Pandeymonium, a biography and brief history of advertising’s development, was written by one of India’s foremost advertising experts, Piyush Pandey. He has included some incredible anecdotes and tales from his time at Ogilvy as well as his passion for cricket. He describes how, among other brands, he contributed to the creation of Fevicol, Vodafone, and IPL. Most significantly, he discusses how he finds inspiration in the people and things he encounters daily.

5. Marketing Unplugged – Spotting the Elephants in the Room

How intriguing would it be to have a toolbox of fresh methods at your disposal to develop original, cutting-edge marketing approaches? That is what you can expect from the Marketing Unplugged book. This book by Suman Srivastava is jam-packed with insightful yet enticing marketing concepts.

6. The 30-Second Thrillers

KV Sridhar (also known as Pops) has seen it all, rising from modest beginnings as a Bollywood film billboard painter to National Creative Director of Leo Burnett India. He is currently regarded as a creative pioneer in the Indian advertising industry. This book is made much more intriguing by the fact that he is credited with helping Leo Burnett become a creative powerhouse in India.

The book is special since it includes the making-of information for every popular advertisement, from “Chal meri luna” to “Airtel smartphone advertisements,” from the days of Doordarshan to the present. Interviews with creative leaders and filmmakers from every era—from the retro to the cutting edge—are covered. Pops personally selected each advertisement depending on how well-liked it was by viewers. He also met the ad’s designers and spoke with them about the entire process. He had avoided utilising commercial gimmicks and marketing speak in favour of telling engaging tales.

7. IIMA-Why I Am Paying More: Price Theory and Market Structures Made Simple

The IIMA book series is a collection of management books written by Satish Y. Deodhar. Why I Am Paying More is the book to start with if you want to read the entire series. The dynamics of pricing concerning supply, demand, market structures, etc. are explained in this book. This book, which is exquisitely illustrated with many case studies and illustrations, is one that you won’t want to put down.

8. India Reloaded: Inside India’s Resurgent Consumer Market

Every marketing expert should read Dheeraj Sinha’s book on the Indian consumer market. Many brands and companies struggle in the Indian market because they make assumptions about Indian consumers. All of those myths and false beliefs are dispelled in this book. It offers a novel, authentic, and insightful viewpoint on the Indian consumer industry.

9. Is Your Marketing in Sync or Sinking?

Have you ever wondered why some firms achieve enormous success while others simply disappear? You can learn more about the numerous marketing ideas in-depth by reading this book written by Yaagneshwaran Ganesh and published by Notion Press. This book discusses the micro notions of marketing, which is very important for modern marketers, in contrast to most marketing books that only discuss the macro concepts.

10. The Sweet Spot: How to Maximise Marketing for Business Growth

The ideal combination of elements or attributes to create success is known as the sweet spot. In keeping with its title, this book highlights the sweet spots in the world of marketing that you may investigate and utilise. In other words, this book enables you to expand your business in an original, seemingly simple method, similar to how athletes make the hardest shots or jobs look easy because of the sweet spot.

11. Brand Shastra: Use the Power of Marketing to Transform Your Life

Twelve books in various genres have been written by Mainak Dhar. Mainak Dhar, who is regarded as one of India’s best-selling authors, focuses mostly on writing about science, marketing, and management. One of his most recent publications, Brand Shastra, is included in Amazon’s list of the best books of 2016 so far. From initial promotions to B2B marketing, this book explores the numerous facets of marketing. This book examines the science and rationale behind the various marketing methods rather than just discussing marketing beliefs.

We hope you’ve already added a few items to your list of things to read. What additional books written by Indian authors would you recommend that marketers read? Please tell us in the comments.

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